About Pebby Forevee

I got the nickname “Pebby” from my girl gang in Columbus Ohio. They dubbed me that after I piled all of my naturally red hair on top of my head & with the freckles speckled on my face, it made me inadvertently look like “Pebbles” from the Flintstones. Pebbles turned into Pebby, & they said I would be their Pebby for forever. It eventually evolved into Pebby Forevee because it rhymed.

I love creating, dabbling, & working in graphic design & typography. While I love what I do, more importantly, I love making women feel good about themselves. The way I do that is just being honest with myself & others about appearance. I have been an average size woman my whole life, fighting demons about my body shape & how it looks in clothes. When I started this company, I was shocked at how many women felt the same way. Pebby Forevee is about expressing who you are without having to say a word & without sacrificing comfort. You can choose how you want to feel - & how you want to look- without resigning your desire to be YOU or feeling self conscious about your outfit. Pebby Forevee allows you to choose a tee's color, size, graphic, & style that best suits YOU & YOUR needs. If you only live life once, you may as well live it comfortable, customizable, & confident.

I taught myself how to create emulsion, how to burn images, & how to screen print. A friend taught me how to take pictures & which editing tools work best. I learned how to play with fonts & create my own using basic photo shop tips. I have spent hours reading tutorials, days experimenting, & years building this business. Pebby Forevee is personal to me, & I want it to be personal to you too. I wouldn’t have any of this if it weren't for you. Thank you for supporting a small business that likes to make big statements!

xo -Pebby